Beautiful Acacia dealbata – mimosa is blooming!!!


This beautiful evergreen tree is also known as Racosperma dealbatum, silver wattle, blue wattle, or mimosa. It is species of Acacia, native to Australia. In some European countries, the flowers are frequently given to women on International Women’s Day and because of attractive flowers, they are often sold by florists. The essence of the flowers, called ‘cassie’ or ‘opopanax’, is used in perfumes.

This Acacia likes a well-drained sunny part of the garden, even some corner. It is fast-growing (you can see in my photos).  About space…let’s say you need about 2-3 m.  It can grow to 20-30 ft. (6-9 m) !!! You can always shorten branches. If you live in the Mediterranean, South Europe, it is perfect for your garden. You can have great and fast shade for summer, it is evergreen, and in January – February, it flourishes, blooms with magical yellow fragrant bunches of flowers!

It is a hardy plant; USDA hardiness zone is 7-10, UK 8. Is suitable for pH: acid and neutral soils.

The disadvantage is if your garden is exposed to strong winds (like mine). One beautiful mimosa I lost because of the wind… namely plucked her from the root! The plant is tolerant of drought and wet conditions. In my place, it is always a problem lack of water, but not for this beauty. It likes hot summer. Because it’s hardy till -10, this Acacia is successfully grown outward in some parts of Britain. If you want propagation; scarify the seed before sowing. Enjoy this tree!!!

Acacia dealbata mimosa

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Beautiful Acacia dealbata – mimosa is blooming!!!