Gaura lindheimeri – impressive flowing pink bush

Falling in love in this flowing bush is easy. There is also a white version, but I’m in love with this pink. What this ornamental shrub stands out among the rest are its elegant branches, which are thin as a thread, and after them sort beautiful pink flowers like little butterflies.

That’s why it’s also called Whirling Butterflies. You can find it under other names like Lindheimer’s beeblossom, pink & white gaura, Lindheimer’s clockweed, and Indian feather. Gaura is a species of Oenothera.
In my place it grows just great, it is tolerated to drought, full sun, frost, warm summers.
It is blooming from late spring to early autumn. In winter it lose flowers and twigs numb and should be cut off, so when spring comes it grows back.

Gaura comes from North America, and it is a hardy plant (6-9 zone).About propagation, you can divide it in spring, or you can sow seed from spring to early summer. In my land, this plant spread a lot. And it’s usually in some sandy areas where it survives nicely. That’s probably because there has excellent drainage, and that’s the key to surviving the winter. Otherwise, it doesn’t need any special care and it is very attractive.

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Gaura lindheimeri – impressive flowing pink bush
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