My adventure to Sahara and island Djerba – Tunisia

Island Djerba – Houmt Souk, Guellala

In our tour of the island was the capital of the island Houmt Souk. The city has about 45 000 residents, and it is developed on the old site of a Roman town. Besides the Romans, there lived Arabs, Spanish, Turks and the town was also home to many merchants and pirates for many years. His name translates “market in the neighborhood.” As the name says, this city offers you many markets and shops and bargains are inevitable! We also visited the city castle – Borj El Kebir. On the walls of these sites, you can have a magnificent view of the harbor, as well as the Obelisk high nine meters.
Also nearby is a pottery village called Guellala, where we had the opportunity to see how the host made pots and things of clay. Be sure to visit the Museum of Guellala, it is showing the history of Berberian’s life. In addition to old artifacts, very interesting are the rooms in which they appear as people’s dolls showing scenes from their lives.
Midoun is the second-largest city on the island, and tourists are the most interesting on Friday when the market offers a variety of handcrafts. A bargain is a must. You’ll be surprised how many languages merchants speak. Never accept the first price. You can get her down at least 30% if not more. Go to the nearest shops and then come back. I’m specialized in bargain 🙂

Flamingo islands, Crocodile farm

One of the excursions was the trip with a pirate ship on the island of Flamingo. Before departure to the island, they offered me a temporary tattoo of my name in Arabic. I loved it!
Just sand, no dwellings except tents where they organized games and a feast for tourists. Beautiful sand and a long wooden dock remind you of the Maldives. Very popular entertainers portraying pirates performed skits and retold jokes about tourists with Tunisian music, dance, and great food.

Crocodile farm was our last excursion on the island. Of course, it was fascinating to see so many crocodiles in one place. They stood motionless, you had the feeling that they are not alive, and then happened something spectacular. You could hear the beating of drums and it was a feeding time. At that point, you can see wiggle and excitement among the crocodiles and how they scramble pieces of the meat.

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