Island Sal

My adventure to island Sal, Cape Verde, Cabo Verde was one the best vacations I had. As winter approached in my Country, I wanted to run away to some nice places to relax and enjoy the warm weather. My husband and I traveled Munich – Lisbon – Sal. We had a Lufthansa ticket to travel from Munich to Lisbon, but Lufthansa had struck so we changed tickets to TAP Portugal. It was crowded. From Lisbon to island Sal we took TACV Cabo Verde, and a flight was quite awful. It was a night flight with lots of turbulence.
We reserved Riu Funana 5 starts hotel and after that plan was to take a flight to San Vicente and then to take a boat to island Sao Antao.
Riu Funana, what a magnificent hotel! Actually, there are two nice hotels sharing the beach: ClubHotel Riu Funana and Hotel Riu Palace Cabo Verde.

About Riu Funana Hotel

Architecture and rooms

If you come to island Sal, be sure to choose one of these 2 superb places, if you want to enjoy all that 5 stars will give you.
The first impression about the architecture of these 2 hotels; although Hotel Riu Palace was just renovated, I actually like the outdoor style of Riu Funana more. It is more compact to the beach and nature, beautiful garden and outer space of the hotel that deserves 10 stars. I haven’t seen Club Hotel Riu inside, but from outside I didn’t like their balconies. Also, Riu Funana has a stage where hosts perform spectacular performances of dances and songs. It is inside Riu Funana Hotel and people from Riu Palace can see it partly but not stay in front of the stage. When you choose one of these 2 hotels you got a bracelet that you wear 24h a day and you can easily come out to the beach and come back to the hotel, but it is not permitted to come from one hotel to another.
The rooms are quite spacious, the toilet especially, but the only thing that does not give me the impression of a 5-star hotel, maybe little luxury details. Certainly very comfortable and it did not diminish my enchantment with this hotel. The reception is spacious and only in that area and around it, you can catch the wifi.
The employees are very kind. There is no problem to bring your bags to the room/reception desk and the reception team will provide you with useful information anytime.

Food in Riu Funana

The food is so great. In addition to the 3 main meals served at certain hours in a few restaurants, there are several snack bars where you can eat interweaves; sandwiches, soups, and fast food. The restaurant offers plenty of food and fish lovers will be particularly pleased. It’s all on a high level, very tastefully.

Who are the guests

Many guests are from UK, France, Netherlands, and America. Mostly middle and older. Younger couples are minorities.

Outdoor area of the hotel and swimming pool

This is what leaves me breathless. The quadratic architecture of the hotel, within the park of Cocos nucifera, Livistona Chinensis, Phoenix dactylifera and Washingtonia robusta palms in the sandy ground is spectacular. The entrances leading to restaurants and pavilions are so beautifully decorated with the forests of these palms. Sal which is actually a naked island such hotels transform into a tropical paradise. The climate that is warm for a whole year is a paradise for tropical plants. The pool is spacious and comfortable for swimming. Clean towels are available throughout the evening when the pool closes. With Pool, there is a bar, restaurant and often dancers and trainers entertain guests with music and organized recreation.

The beach

The beach is a short five-minute walk away from the exit. From the pool, you can see the sea partially. The beach is wonderful, sandy. Also afforested with palm trees that have not yet reached the height of those around the hotel. Everything is full of sun loungers so you can enjoy it. The sea is comfortable and warm, but quite wavy. Because of the possible sharks, I would not recommend bathing in the depths. Do not carry precious things or leave them unattended because you can stay without them. You will see some local passers-who are asking you for cigarettes or trying to sell you something. On the way to the beach, you will see plenty of jeeps, vans that can be rented for a one-day excursion. We just took it and for 100 Eur we enjoyed the exploration island all day. If you go on a group tour, not a Vip tour, then the price is 25-30 Eur per person.
On the beach, depending on the season, you can see small turtles. Eggs lay in the sand beside the beach. One part of the eggs is fenced and guides follow the group of tourists showing them. We were fortunate enough to see a little turtle who went to the sea.
The hotel provides entertainment for guests
Therefore the hotel offers various entertainment facilities for guests. There is a special pool of children’s equipment. The hotel has an open-air stage that offers an entertainment program each evening. At the end of the program, a disco club is opening. After dinner; you can choose from among several restaurants; you will not be bored. Bars with drinks are open in several locations, as well as smaller restaurants serving 24h food.

One-day excursion, exploring the island

Locals and people of Senegal

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