Restoration of furniture, old wooden box, chest hand painted with antique roses and birds

This is the story of an old restored wooden box. Ideas come to my mind when I see something old; imagination starts floating, and pictures rolling, and I start to imagine what would be the best.

It is always much more beautiful to breathe a new life into some old and make something original, something unique.
restoration old furniture

The hardest part is preparing it. The box had a lot of cracks and irregularities. Old box, a chest was painted in shiny brown. I had to sand old color. After that, I had to add wooden putty to fill the cavities. After filling irregularities, when it was dry, I used sandpaper again; I did it several times until the surface was smooth and flat. After sanding the surface, I cleaned it thoroughly, and I removed the dust.



I prefer water lacquer for painting wood. Swing color has a beautiful range of 2 to 1 where you can get everything (base and color)! I used one of the bright shades of white and ivory. I painted the box/ chest three times. After drying, I started painting roses, birds, and romantic golden embroidery. I used acrylic colors. Hope you like it. I enjoyed the creativity and piece after the working day!



Short video:

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