Monaco Exotic garden – spectacular plants and walking tour with baby!

You can see many Thelocactus species from USA and Mexico like: Thelocactus bicolor Thelocactus bicolor schwarzii, Thelocactus bicolor texensis, Thelocactus bicolor wagnerianus, Thelocactus buekii, Nuevo Leon Cactaceae, Thelocactus conothelos argenteus, Thelocactus conothelos aurantiacus , Mexique Cactaceae, Thelocactus conothelos aurantiacus, Thelocactus conothelos conothelos, Thelocactus conothelos conothelos, Thelocactus conothelos conothelos, Thelocactus ehrenbergii , Mexique Cactaceae, Thelocactus heterochromus, Thelocactus hexaedrophorus, Thelocactus lausseri, Thelocactus leucacanthus, Thelocactus macdowellii, Thelocactus multicephalus, Thelocactus rinconensis, Thelocactus rinconensis hintonii, Thelocactus rinconensis phymatothelos, Thelocactus.
Beautiful Mexican Polaskia chende, Polaskia chichipe, Polaskia chichipe cristata. One is arriving in my garden soon.

Polaskia cactus left above me

Polaskia cactus left above me

Many Trichocereus species from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile like Trichocereus atacamensis Trichocereus, Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas, Trichocereus chiloensis, Trichocereus chiloensis australis, Trichocereus coquimbanus, Trichocereus formosus, Trichocereus fulvilanus, Trichocereus herzogianus totorensis, Trichocereus, Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus schickendantzii Trichocereus smrzianus, Trichocereus taquimbalensis lecoriensis, Trichocereus vasquezii, Trichocereus, Trichocereus vollianus Trichocereus werdermannianus.
Many Cereus from Argentina, Peru, Brasil like Cereus aethiops, Cereus aethiops, Cereus alacriportanus, Cereus calcirupicola, Cereus comarapanus, Cereus fernambucensis fernambucensis, Cereus forbesii , Cereus forbesii, Cereus hankeanus, Cereus hildmannianus hildmannianus, Cereus hildmannianus uruguayanus, Cereus horridus, Cereus insularis, Cereus jamacaru, Cereus kroenleinii, Cereus lamprospermus colosseus, Cereus obtusus, Cereus perlucens, Cereus pernambucensis, Cereus peruvianus persicinus, Cereus peruvianus reclinatus, Cereus repandus Cactaceae, Cereus spegazzinii, Cereus stenogonus, Cereus Cereus variabilis ..
Many Pilosocereus from Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru like Pilocereus oaxacensis, Pilocereus piauhyensis, Pilosocereus alensis, Pilosocereus arrabidae , Pilosocereus aureispinus, Pilosocereus aurisetus, Pilosocereus aurisetus aurilanatus, Pilosocereus aurisetus, Pilosocereus azureus, Pilosocereus backebergii, Pilosocereus bohlei, Pilosocereus brooksianus, Pilosocereus catingicola catingicola, Pilosocereus catingicola salvadorensis , Pilosocereus chrysacanthus, Pilosocereus coerulescens, Pilosocereus cristalinensis, Pilosocereus, Pilosocereus cyaneus, Pilosocereus densiareolatus, Pilosocereus floccosus, Pilosocereus floccosus quadricostatus, Pilosocereus floccosus aff., Pilosocereus fulvilanatus, , Pilosocereus glaucescens, Pilosocereus glaucochrous, Pilosocereus glaucochrous, Pilosocereus gounellei, Pilosocereus lanuginosus , Pilosocereus leucocephalus, Pilosocereus leucocephalus cristata, Pilosocereus luetzelburgii, Pilosocereus martinii, Pilosocereus maxonii, Pilosocereus moritzianus monstruosa, Pilosocereus multicostatus, Pilosocereus oaxacensis, Pilosocereus oreus, Pilosocereus pachycladus pachycladus, Pilosocereus pachycladus pachycladus, Pilosocereus pachycladus pachycladus, pilosocereus pachycladus pernambucoensis, Pilosocereus pachycladus pernambucoensis, Pilosocereus pachycladus pernambucoensis, Pilosocereus palmeri, Pilosocereus pentaedrophorus pentaedrophorus, Pilosocereus pentaedrophorus pentaedrophorus, Pilosocereus polygonus, Pilosocereus purpusii, Pilosocereus rosae, Pilosocereus sartorianus, Pilosocereus superbus, Pilosocereus superbus regius, Pilosocereus superfloccosus, Pilosocereus supthutianus, Pilosocereus swartzii, Pilosocereus, Pilosocereus werdermannianus, Pilosocereus werdermannianus densilanatus, Pilosocereus werdermannianus diamantinensis ..
Many Peniocereus like Peniocereus castellae, Peniocereus cuixmalensis, Peniocereus, Peniocereus johnstonii, Peniocereus lazaro-cardenasii, Peniocereus maculatus Peniocereus maculatus, Peniocereus oaxacensis, Peniocereus serpentinus, Peniocereus viperinus, Peniocereus zopilotensis
Many Pachycereus from Mexico like Pachycereus gaumeri, Pachycereus grandis, Pachycereus hollianus, Pachycereus marginatus, Pachycereus marginatus, Pachycereus marginatus cristata, Pachycereus militaris, Pachycereus orcuttii, Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum, Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum, Pachycereus pringlei, Pachycereus pringlei cristata, Pachycereus schottii, Pachycereus schottii monstruosus, Pachycereus weberi.
From Agavas you can see most Mexicanand USA like Agave aktites, Agave albomarginata, Agave albomarginata, cultivéAgavaceae, Agave americana, Agave angustifolia, Agave asperrima potosiensis, Agave avellanidens, Agave bracteosa, Agave celsii albicans, Agave cerulata, Agave chrysantha, Agave colimana, Agave colorata, Agave cupreata, Agave dasylirioides, Agave decipiens, Agave deserti pringlei, Agave deserti simplex, Agave desmetiana marginata, Agave difformis, Agave durangensis , Agave ellemeetiana, Agave ellemeetiana, Agave ensifera, Agave filifera, Agave filifera schidigera, Agave filifera variegata, Agave fortiflora, Agave fourcroydes, Agave garciae-mendozae, Agave geminiflora, Agave ghiesbreghtii, Agave gigantensis, Agave guadalajarana, Agave guiengola, Agave gypsophila, Agave havardiana , Agave horrida perotensis, Agave hoveyi, Agave hurteri , Agave isthmensis, Agave isthmensis, Agave kerchovei, Agave lechuguilla, Agave lophantha, Agave macroacantha, Agave maculata, Agave mapisaga, Agave margaritae, Agave marmorata, Agave mckelveyana, Agave mitis mitis, Agave moranii, Agave nizandensis, Agave obscura, Agave ocahui , Agave ornithobroma, Agave parrasana, Agave parryi, Agave parryi neomexicana, Agave parryi parryi, Agave parviflora, Agave pedunculifera, Agave pelona, Agave potatorum, Agave pumila, Agave pygmaea, Agave salmiana ferox, Agave scabra, Agave schidigera nova, Agave schottii schottii, Agave sebastiana Agave seemanniana, Agave shawii goldmaniana, Agave shrevei matapensis, Agave sisalana, Agave striata, Agave striata rubra, Agave subsimplex, Agave titanota, Agave toumeyana bella, Agave toumeyana toumeyana, Agave underwoodii, Agave utahensis discreta, Agave utahensis utahensis, Agave verschaffeltii ‘Shoji Rajin’, Agave victoriae-reginae, Agave victoriae-reginae variegata, Agave vivipara vivipara, Agave weberi, Agave x leopoldii, Agave x nigra, Agave xylonacantha, Agave zebra ..

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